Sega to launch their new game gear micro on june 10

Sega recently unveiled its new fun-sized gaming gadget, the Game Gear Micro. It's set to be launched on June 10 in Japan but there is no news yet when it'll reach international stores. Here are all the details we have for now.

Sega just announced the Game Gear Micro. — Chris Kohler (@kobunheat) June 3, 2020

Sega will move first with its mini consoles before their competitors

Even if it's still in the early days in development, Sega already plans to release the game sometime this year called the "Game Gear Micro." Nintendo has not announced its next mini console, but it might be a NES or SNES.
The reason for the fun-sized console coming soon is because of the company's 60th anniversary, and Sega would be one of the first Micro handheld consoles for fans who love old school gaming. Gamers are still rooting for Nintendo to release a console similar to the Game Boy. But for now, the Game Gear Micro is an obvious choice for all retro fans to acquire and enjoy when it launches this month. 
Sega is planning to release the game on June 10 in Japan for ¥4980 which, if converted, would be about $45. The colors would be available in black, yellow, blue, and red. So pick your poison and make sure to enjoy a little bit of nostalgia and relive the golden days of gaming with the old but gold games.

Still, there's more news from Sega regarding the Game Gear Micro. No other games have been reported to come with its release, except for Sonic The Hedgehog, compared to the Sega Mega Drive Mini, which released with over 40 games.

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