Checkout Cute Photos Of Nollywood Actor Freddie Leonard On His Birthday

Nollywood actor Freddie Leonard is a year older today and lockdown is not stopping him from sharing with his fans his birthday photos.
Freddie says it has been an amazing journey and he would not change his story and would not change it for anything in this life.

The actor simply wrote;
“I’m A Year Older Today.
It’s Been An Interesting Journey I Tell u.
I love My Story and Wouldn’t Change The Plot for Any Reason. For the Plot Twists have Made Me Stronger n Wiser.
Even As My Story continues to Unfold, I Can Tell You That am A GRATEFUL kid Who the Lord has Taken from Grass to GRACE.”
According to Naija gist, Leonard claimed that he was in his late thirties but further records revealed that he was 42 years old as of 2019.
This means that he is 43 years old today if we are to go with what we were told. But who even cares if he lied or not.?
All we care about are these dashing photos he shared to mark his birthday.

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