Apple iOS 13.5 Now Allows Phone Unlocking While putting on a Face Mask

The new Apple's iOS 13.5 update makes life easier while wearing a face mask, according to TechRadar.

Developers have been provided with the golden master version of iOS 13.5, which is the last update Apple issues before it releases its software updates to the public. This follows a beta testing period before its launch perhaps later this week

According to the release notes published by 9to5mac  the most distinct feature of iOS 13.5 features is an easier unlocking process for Face ID while wearing a face mask. The passcode field will be provided immediately after swiping up from the bottom when wearing a face mask.

This is great news for those who own an iPhone without a home button like the iPhone 11 and iPhone X.  The Face-mask detection feature will be useful when unlocking the phone or authenticating for the App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, or iTunes.

Currently, iPhone users struggle to unlock their phones while wearing a mask. They wait for the Face ID menu to fail twice before they can enter a passcode.

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