“I Miss Touches, Kisses & Romance” – Teni Complains Bitterly Over Lockdown

Sensational singer, Teni doesn’t seem to be taking the news of the lockdown extension too well.

The singer took to her Igram page to share a video of herself shedding fake tears while complaining bitterly about how the pandemic has affected her. She revealed that she misses touches, kisses, and romance. Teni added that all her suitors who were asking for her hand before the coronavirus pandemic came to be should come back.
She said I know what i miss, I miss touches, I miss kisses, i miss romance, i miss something that is going to sensualize me to all the people that were asking me out and toasting me that i did shakara for I’m sorry i didn’t know that corona was going to be this long, I’m dry, I’m dry up in there i need some juices i need something I’m running mad.

Teni who indicated that she is bored in the caption session wrote: “#ISOLATE!!!! ISOLATION WAN KEE MEEE OOOOOOOO”

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