BREAKING: ASUU To Suspend Indefinite Strike After The Nationwide Lockdown Ends

The Academic Staff Union of Universities is a Nigerian union of university academic staff, founded in 1978.

It has been generally announced that the union will be on strike, even before the pandemic outbreak, due to a lack of funds from the Federal Government.

And as such, the union has announced the industrial action, and all institutions across the nation have adopted it.

Even after the pandemic outbreak, the union still tries to settle and make a deal with the Federal Government so as to resume back to work, but all to no avail.

But now, the union has announced that they'll suspend the strike after the whole pandemic outbreak dies down... and all institutions will be back to work.

Below are the words of the President of the Union and more details about the suspension.

According to the information, the Federal Government has promised to release N20 Billion for the union as a show of good faith, and the amount is meant to be released by the ministry of finance in the nation before the end of May.

We all hope this works out in the favor of all students.

We all should ensure to share this out so that all students across the nation can be aware.

We should stay home, and stay safe.

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