Bando Biography And All You Need To Know About Him


Fashola fawaz olushayo(born june 18,2002),known professionally as Bando is a Nigerian rapper,singer and songwriter born and raised in lagos...

Bando has been rapping since  he was a kid but didnt take it seriously at the moment...later in his junior secondary school he wanted to give raping a shot but he was highly dicouraged by his friends and family where he was boooed off the stage in an event that took place at that time...he swore to never rap agoin....but was later inspired by his icon takeoff a member of the migos....bando began to listen to a lot of rap music of the likes of logic,lilbaby,kendrick lamar,gunna adopting to their style of rap and merging all of it to create a new and unique style of rap that has never been adopted by any musician of late.

After a while..Bando decided to give rap another shot,at that period he was in  his final year of high school...him having a unique style rap he discovered he was good at rhyming words which became a very important assest along the way...with determination and hard work,bando hit the world with his first single titled “shawty”his music was given recognition and highly credited by listeners,and was also toping the number one song of the month on different websites.

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