How To Earn With Nairex Income

How Do I Earn With Nairex Income?    

Nairex Income Is Currently Equipped With Two Principal Awesome Features Of Earning Of Which A Member Can Choose To Participate In Any Or Both.

1.Monthly Revenue Share– Our Subscribers / Participant Earns Money Via Activities Point By Login Into Their Nairex Account Daily, Sharing Sponsored Post On Facebook, Watching Videos, Contesting, Predicting Weekend Matches, Sharing Jokes and Answering Educational Questions Rightly

2.Affiliate Commission –As A Member, You Are Also An Affiliate After Successful Registration. You will be earning a huge commission of #800 Per Each Person You Refer To Join This Life-Changing Opportunity Through Your Referral Link Or Username. The More People You Refer To Join, The More The #800 Commission Earning Keeps Accumulating.
So, If You Can Refer At Least 3 People To Take Advantage Of Nairex Income Opportunity Daily, You Will Be Earning #2,400 Naira in a day.

In 7days it’s #16,800  
A Month It’s 16,800 × 4weeks = #67,200

Also As A Member Of NAIREX INCOME you would be trained for FREE on several web skills like Graphic design, web design, E-Book making and how to easily get Refferals and many more*

Launching! Launching!! Launching!!

General Summary Of How Nairex Income Works

1. Once You Sign-Up, You Receive Bonus Of ₦500

2. Daily Login ₦50          

3. You Earn ₦150 For Sharing Our Sponsored Post

4. You Earn ₦1 Per Second Of Video Watched

5. Referral Bonus Of ₦800 (If You Refer 20 People This Week, NAIREX Income Will Pay U ₦800 x 20 = ₦16,000) On Referral Alone!

Do that for a month (×4 weeks) = ₦64,000

Note- Referring Is Not Compulsory… You Can Earn Without Referral.

6.Winning Contest ₦5,000

7. Predict Weekend Matches Rightly ₦1,000

8. 1st & 2nd Commenters On Sponsored Post Gets Airtime Of ₦500 & ₦300 Respectively

9.You Earn ₦1,000 Airtime for Alert Testimonies with The Best caption

–>> Top Earner Of Each Week Wins Extra 10% Of His/Her Earnings

–>>Members with up To 50refferals Weekly Wins A Whooping Sum Of ₦6,000 extra

–>>Answer Questions & Riddles On Our Fb Group & Earn

–>>Minimum Withdrawal For Referral Earning Is ₦1,600

–>>Non Refferal earning is ₦5,000
Payment is every Saturday

Withdrawal portal opens Fridays From 9am-9pm

Visit for quick registration

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