How to use Xender to Import all data from an old phone to a new one

Hello readers, if u have a new mobile phone and you wish to have all your data from your old phone o the new one. Read this post and know how you can be able to do this.

The mobile application you will need is XENDER. Xender is an application tat helps in the sharing of data from one phone to another.
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N.B: Download the latest version of XENDER
Now let's start the main work and process
Step 1: Open your Xender application on your mobile phone as shown below

Step 2: Move o the {+} sign at the top of the Xender application as shown below. Click on phone copy.

Step 3: After clicking on phone copy you will see something like this. Choose whether the phone you are using currently is new or old. But since we are discussing on how to transfer from old phone to new phone. You will have to click on New.

Step 4:(Android Phone)  Two features will  be shown as seen below. You will have to choose whether the old phone is an android phone click on it . But before i begin, make sure you download and install xender on your old phone which you can find on Play store or other online application stores.

Step 5:(Android Phone)  Look at the image below as you can see
 * Start xender on your old phone*
*Open the navigation drawer*

Step 4:(IPHONES) if you are using an iPhone click on iPhone and also download xender on your iPhone.

Step 5:(IPHONES) Open settings on your old phone
Step 6: (IPHONES)Turn on WiFi and choose the network named (according to your hotspot device name)
Step 7:(IPHONES) Start Xender and touch "RECEIVE"

Boom you are done!!

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