How to earn with online survey

What you need to know about paid online survey?

You might be surfing the web and notice the occasional offer to sign up to participate in paid online surveys and earn money online while staying at home. It is easy to think that it sounds too good to be true, and therefore must be one of those online scams.
However, there are many reputable companies that create and distribute these online surveys, based on their own research and screening process. 

But what exactly are paid online surveys online, what do they involve and what they are used for
What are Paid online surveys?
Essentially paid surveys are created by companies looking to gain more information about a particular market. These companies ask for participants in a range of demographs that might fit a different series of brans, products, services or ideas. Once they have their panels, the companies will ask the participants to answer questions honestly and accurately.

In this post i shall be writing on a verified and paying survey which is called BIG TOKEN.

N.B: You can only withdraw once a month if you reach the minimum withdrawal which is $21.

You will be doing survey in the application and earn some points with the points it can be redeemed to cash to your PayPal account as payment. But for you to earn big you must refer people inorder to build your stream. But you can still earn without referral.

Registration Steps

STEP 1: Download Bigtoken from playstore. Click here to download their application.

STEP 2: Open the application and click on Create an account as seen below and fill in your details properly. Make sure you use this referral code to get more bonus: 4LT71JLOI.

STEP 3: A verification mail will be sent to your registered mail to confirm your account.

STEP 4: You will also be sent a verification code to your phone number.

STEP 5: Your account has been created and you can start earning.

BOOM!!!!! You are done Happy Earning

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