Headache Treatment


Definition: Headache is simply pain or ache felt in the head. It is a symptom of a health disorder, and not a disease on its own.


1. The commonest causes are worry(about anything), tiredness and fatigue resulting from over-work.

2. Acute or chronic anxiety, mental stress or tension, and mental depression.

3. Fever resulting from infections and any generalized illness.

4. Excessive consumption of alcohol, and adverse side effects of certain drugs.

5. Serious but uncommon causes include accelerated hypertension, infection of the brain, presence of an abnormal mass(tumour, abscess, blood clot) within brain tissue.


1. Varies with the causative factor

2. The site, severity and character of headache are variable, and may change from time to time in the same person.

3. Headache may be accompained by visual problems, vomiting, drownsiness or inability to sleep, depending on the cause.

Potential danger: Headache may be a warning sign of such dangerous illnesses as hypertension, meningitis or brain tumor.


1. Worry, stress and tiredness are the commonest causes of headache, followed by fever. Try an eliminate these basic factors where possible, as part of the treatment.

2. Take a rest for some hours in a cool, quiet room. Try and sleep if possible.

3. Take a simple non narcotic analgesic drug. The two standards drugs are Paracetamol and Aspirin. Take either but not both.

4. Where headache is obviously caused by anxiety or tension, take (in addition to an analgesic) Bromazepam(LEXOTAN), 1.5mg tablet in the morning, and 3mg tablet in the night.

5. If headache persists after 48 hours of commencement of drug treatment, you should go to hospital immediately and see a doctor. However, if headache is accompanied by vomiting, neck stiffness or drowsiness within the first 48hours, you must go to the hospital right away.

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