The importance of Computer Literacy to Students

For over some decades, a revolution has been taking place in the world. The personal computer has charged the way many people think and live. Knowing how to operate one is a requirement for living in today's world. For this reason, all secondary, primary and tertiary students should make computer literacy a must do act.

Although a computer course may take away a lot of time but to be sincere it is well worth. Knowledge of how to operate a computer helps a young person in two ways:

1. It helps in one's studies.

2. It is good for one's career.

Regarding one's studies, a computer is a great help for composing essays and papers. It also enables you to use the internet: you can go to YouTube  and obtain up-to-date information about virtually every subject under the sun. Search engines such as Google provide a free database on every conceivable subject.

If you are thinking of going to university, skill in using computers is even more important. some universities in the western world now insist on essays and term papers being written on a word processor, and sometimes they ask that they are submitted by email for marking.

Knowledge of computers is also vital for those entering the job market. A potential employee who can demonstrate good computer skills is highly employable.

What should one do in order to develop one's computer skills?

If you do not have classes in school, enrolling in a part-time evening course would be a very good idea. A good computer class would teach the basics of computers: typing a document on a word processor, running a specified program, and using a modem in order to check email and access the internet.

If you don't have a well standard place to learn basics in computer. You can join my online Whats app computer training but to be fully accessed to the platform you will only pay a one-time fee of #3,500. I will train you on all the basics you need to know in Computer.

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