Philosophy of Quotes on Life

Hello readers, 
Today is a special day for me, I am supposed to be in an important meet-up but I decided to give you my Top 10 philosophy quotes that I used which made me who i am today and I think it might also be good for you.

My 12 Great Philosophy Quotes 


You Can Be Anything You Want To Be.


No matter how bad the economy of the jungle is, the lion does not go about eating grass, its not pride, but the lion knowing who it is.


Life is about choices and chances, you make a choice and you take a chance.


Always be unorthodox in everything you do and you will eventually end up becoming a great legend.


Don't let your weakness wear you down but let it be your strength.


Nothing Is Impossible With God 


Live life to express. Don't strive to make your presence no heed, just make your absence felt.


Determination is the wake-up call to human will, luck is opportunity with HARDWORK because there is nothing like ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS.


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.


It always seems impossible until it's done.


Life has its up and down but we have to keep moving forward.


Life is good and bad; you determine how you make it.

Read these few powerful quotes and move to succeed in life and popularity. Write them down and continue reading daily till you  fulfill your destined dream.

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