Narrative essay

 When you are asked to write a story, it is often a good idea to base it on something you have experienced. Even quite ordinary events, like a trip to the market, can be made interesting: you just need to sharpen your powers of observation, and use the five senses. 
In this post we shall give 5 stages in writing as follows: 

1. Initial thinking: The point of this stage is to think up the ideas to write about at this stage, in any order. Stephen's brainstorming session came up with a 'mind-map' like the one on the next page. (He has left enough space for 'minor ideas'!)

2. Minor Ideas 
Now make a rough list of other minor ideas. Decide which 'bubble' on the mindmap they should be attached to. For example, this mind-map shows 'Food' as a minor idea attached to one of the bubbles. 

3. Drawing up the plan 
Write your plan, putting your ideas in order. People have different ideas about how best to draw up their plan. One good way of doing it is to list the main ideas as topics for each section, and  jot down a few notes on minor ideas. Often, the first sentence in a paragraph will then be a topic sentence, and the other support sentences will contain the minor ideas. 
One Issue that bothers students is whether to plan paragraph by paragraph, or section by section. We recommend planning section by section, as some sections dealing with a certain topic might be quite long, and contain several paragraphs. 

In addition, including direct speech(always a good idea) will entail paragraphs. 
One other point is worth mentioning. A good composition should be in three stages:
1. Introduction
2. Development 
3. Conclusion

Once the plan has been well written, you are ready to go through the other stages. 

Sometimes Several rough drafts may need to be written. The start us always the most difficult. When in doubt or distress, keep your introduction/start-up and get on with the story. 

If you like, read each other's work and comment. According to a great quote i love it says "Two heads are better than one". Don't be too stingy to share your work with friends and family for checking and corrections. 

Make it clear that this is your final draft the one want to be mark or to summit. (Put a clear line through all rough work so that your teacher/tutor does not waste his or her time marking a rough draft).
Stage 5 CHECK
The final process is just to Check or careless errors like spellings, grammar, tenses used in ur essay and make proper adjustment. 

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