How To Write A Report Of An Event

A report should brieflly state the most important information. It should answer all the main questions:
1. Who?
2. What?
3. When?
4. Where?
5. Why?
6. How?
In writing a report by a police officer about a defective vehicle, foe example, you might plan it like this;

Paragraph 1 - Introduction
Basic information: When? Who was the owner? What was the type of vehicle?

Paragraph 2 - Development
More detailed information: What did you observe to be defective about the vehicle? Number the defects one by one. What did the owner say? This secttion could consist of more than one paragraph if required.

Paragraph 3 - Conclusion
Concluding remarks; these could mention the action you took perhaps the warning you gave to the owner, and the owner's reaction.
When you write a report, you still need to go through the planning process that we outlined on one of our previous post.

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1. Research
In this case, no research is necessary all the information is available.

2. Note making
Make brief notes as necessary especially concerning the defects.

3. Selection
If you feel there is a lot of information, select the most important parts of it.

4. Planning
See the plan above (Also read:)

5. Writing
As usual, if times do permits you try writing two drafts:
a. Rough drafts
b. Final drafts
6. Final check
As i said in the previous post always give your work a final check to have an accurate work done.

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