How to Identify a scammer

This situation is currently trending on scamming of people on different social media platforms.

In this post we shall be giving out simple tips you can use to identify any scammer or spammer.

*  Check if the username corresponds with the profile name of the account.

*  Check the dates of every picture posted. Every pictures has the same date.

* If mentioned in a comment about people reviewing him as legit, always check the date, time, and the edit history.

* Ask for account details and compare with profile name.

Note: Even if a name in the account details corresponds with the profile name, but the surname isn't then it's obvious that he's fake. 

* Nowadays they are improving with their pictures, but it's still obvious that a downloaded Facebook picture loses it's quality when re-uploaded. Watch out for the picture quality too.

Don't rush it. You ask around or use any of the admins as escrow.

The guy i used for this post is real, and he tried to scam me last night. I had to do my investigations and unknowingly for him, he was messing with the wrong person. 
He still hasn't figured out that he's busted already. So if you have him, please make sure to unfriend him and block him too. For now, this is his username:

Inform friends and family about this post. In order for them not to be scammed or defrauded by any scammer or fraudster.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!

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