How to Disable Auto Updates on Google Playstore and Preserve Data

Have you each consider checking why playstore update your apk without you been educated once you on your information or once your information association is dynamic...

(you) do ponder yet is it conceivable to debilitate it since it ordinarily destroy my(your) data....

Truly playstore did this in light of the fact that your application may be obsolete and its absolutely impossible you can utilize or approach a portion of this application once it is obsolete eg WhatsApp

Presently we have been attempting to handicap this autoupdate on playstore yet we don't know how...that why we are here to support you...

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Crippling auto update on playstore is one moment work and it doesn't require date or requires pressure

Here is the means by which to debilitate auto update on playstore.

1.Open/dispatch your playstore application

2.Click on the menu catch

3.Click on setting

4.Now go to auto update as seen below

5.Now click on 'don't auto update applications' at that point you are done

Blast you simply incapacitate the auto update in would now be able to utilize your information without playstore consuming your information and data.........

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