Efficient studying strategies

Why do we preview a text? 

The purpose of a survey, or preview of a reading text is to get a good general idea of what it is about. Surveying a reading text in this way is rather like looking at a map before beginning a journey to an unknown place.

The preview is only the first stage in studying a text. There are several good study methods you can use. The method that is often recommended is called P3RU.
P3RU  is not the only study method possible, there are others. Thus, your attention has already been drawn to the importance of making notes on a text, which P3RU also includes. The main thing is for everyone to work out a method of study that suits his or her learning style. Once you have found a method that suits you, stick to it.

Before reading this post, look at;
1. Any pictures, maps or diagrams, and the captions that go with them.

2. Headings and Sub-headings

3. The first paragraph, and the first sentencce of each of the other paragraphs, to get some idea of the topics covered.

P- PREVIEW the reading text.

R- READ the text carefully.

R-RECORD the main points of the text in note form. These should not be too long.

R- REVIEW OR REVISE:  read through the text again. Find out the answer to any questions you have, such as words you didn't understand. If there are any questions following the text this is a good time to answer them, using both the text and your notes.

U-USE the information you have obtained from the text both in discussion and in writing.

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