Domain Theme Definition

Things you must know before selecting a domain name and theme.

Like every other business, naming is very important, you don't just
use any name as your domain name because its available. You need to undergo alot of screnning and checkout.

Some Things u must before choosing a domain name:

👉It should reflect on what the site is about. Eg mp3mania for music blog, Jagajagagist for general blog.

👉It should be concise. By this I mean the spellings. If the domain u want is not available, chill relax and thing of another name, instead of having things like 9jaflavourr, tooexclusive etc because ur traffic might make mistake and visit another site and u have lost that traffic.

👉It shouldn't be too bulky- eg it shouldn't be more than 10letters excluding

After successfully checking this process you can go ahead and buy the domain name and host it to make it available to your specified users and customers.

In the aspect of Choosing a theme just follow this simpe procedure.

Choosing a theme is easy

Your template/theme should be easy to
1.  Navigate through
2.  Easy to access.
3.  Beautiful and not too bulky so that it can load easily.

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