Adamu and his Beautiful Wife

In a certain town there lived a poor man named Adamu. 

Altough he was very poor, Adamu was a very good man. 
He was loved and respected by everyone, and even birds and animals seemed to trust him, for it was very noticeabe that they showed no fear whenever he came near them.
In the same town there lived a beautiful girl who was a few years younger than Adamu. Her name Was Sonkowa was a good-natured as she was beautiful, and many men wanted to marry her. Sonkowa's father was a wealthy trader, and he was naturally anxious that his daughter shoud make a good marriage, preferably to one of the other rich mercants who lived in the town. 

However, the ruer of the town made it clear that he wanted to marry Sonkowa, and her parents felt that there was little alternative, for they had no wish to offend the ruler of the town. But when they approached their daughter on the matter, they were shocked by her response. 

How can i become the junior wife of a man old enough to be my father?Please, the onlly man i want to marry is Adamu'.
What! Adamu, the poor man?He hasn't got two coins to rub together! You must be joking, said her angry father. 
But Sonkonwa was determined. Her parents were equally determined for they had no wis to offend the ruler. They insisted that she should marry him, but Sonkowa said 'I would rather die.' Sonkonwa refused to drink or eat. and when her parents saw her obstinate she was, they explained the situation to the ruler. 

'If she doesn't marry Adamu, she will die'. said her father with a sorrowful look. I beg you, let the marriage take place. But it won't last long Adamu is too poor said the chief in a fierce tongue.

Hmmm! said the ruller, thoughtfully. 'I agree, let her marry that man. But i shall make sure the marriage doesn't last long. I shall arrange a fatal accident for Adamu. She wil soon forget him and then she will marry me!.
When Sonkowa heard that she could now marry Adamu, she was delighted. She began to eat normally again, and soon regained her strength and beauty. 

The wedding took place shortly afterwards, and Adamu and Sonkowa were blissfully happy together. But Adamu did not reallise that he was in great danger until one day, when a bird setted on a tree nearby and began to sing:

' Accidents are accidental

Accidental, Accidental
Accidents are accidental 
Except when they are not'

The bird then told Adamu of the great danger that he was in. Adamu immediately called Sonkonwa, and said: We've got to leave this place at once. If we stay, my life will not be worth a handful of maize.

Before dawn on the next day, Adamu and Sonkowa quietly left the town and were never seen again. And they lived a happy life and had many children . 

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