40 Html tags and Definition

In this post we shall be writing on 40 html compulsory tags and their functions.

I handpicked this 40 compulsory HTML tags every programmer must know.

1. <!DOCTYPE> - Defines the document type.

2. <a> - Defines a hyperlink. 

3. <area> - Defines an area inside an image map. 

4. <b> Defines bold text. 

5. <bdo> Overrides the current text direction.

6. <body> Defines the document's body. 

7. <br> Defines a single line break. 

8. <button> Defines a clickable button. 

9. <canvas> Used to draw graphics, on the fly via scripting. 

10. <caption> Defines a table caption. 

11. <cite> Defies the title of a work. 

12. <div> Defines a section in a document. 

13. <em> Defines emphasized text. 

14. <fieldset> Groups related elements in a form. 

15. <figure> Specifies self contained content. 

16. <footer> Defines a footer. 

17. <form> Defines an html form for user input. 

18. <h1-h6> Defines html headings. 

19. <head> Defines informaton about the document. 

20. <html> Defines the root of an html document. 

21. <iframe> Defines an inline frame. 

22. <img> Defines an image. 

23. <input> Defines an inpur control.

24. <kbd> Defines Keyboard input. 

25. <label> Defines a label for an input. 

26. <li> Defines a list item. 

27. <map> Defines a list of commands. 

28. <nav> Defines navigation links. 

29. <ol> Defines an ordered list. 

30. <ul> Defines an unordered list. 

31. <p> Defines Paragraphs. 

32. <pre> Defines preformatted tect. 

33. <span> Defines a section. 

34. <strong> Defines an important text. 

35. <table> Defines a table.

36. <th> Defines a header cell of a table. 

37. <time> Defines either a time or date.

38. <tr> Defines a row in a table. 

39. <var> Defines a variable. 

40. <wbr> Defines a possible line-break. 

These html tags according to me i think they are the first thing you have to know when going into programming after knowing this tags in our next blogging tips post we shall be going to html attributes with their functions.


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