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Steps to unblock website URL on Facebook.


How to post a blocked URL or unblock your website on Facebook! (100% Working): Facebook is the social platform that has higher no of the user with high responsibilities. It is becoming an ecosystem so that Facebook improve its policies for its user security. Now a day's most of the people invest 30%-50% of the time on social media. Due to lots of users, Facebook gets aware of the misuse of its services that are free for everyone on this globe.

                           You might ask Why Was my website blocked 

We all know that Facebook and many other website has changed there policies. After these Policies changes, the unsafe website has started to be blocked. Facebook has taken this step to strengthen its user security.  In this process, some safe website URL has also blocked. The reason behind this would be the wrong reporting. I mean, This would have happened because a stranger reported your website on Facebook as spam. This is my guess. But There have no one who blocks your website URL manually or prohibited you by sharing your website URL. It's a machine program that gets instruction provided by you and design by Facebook developers team. If you try to act smart and share your website URL in a comment or others timeline or other pages or own pages continuously its being recognize as spam or misleading content.

Here is solution to unblock your website URL on Facebook. Unblock your Domain from Facebook by following these steps.

Go to the Facebook Help Center to find.

Visit the Facebook Sharing Debugger page.

Click here to go straight to facebook debugger.

Enter your website URL in sharing debugger fill box and press debug button.

Now you get the message "We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet ourCommunity Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know."

Now Click on "let us know" on this page. Now you are at Facebook BlockPage. Here you can request Facebook to unblock your website.,

Now write an application to unblock your website URL. Submit it by click on the Send button.Now, wait until 24 hours as this request telly by Facebook team. and hope for a positive result. 

 You can find below an application format for unblocking your website on Facebook.
Use my verified and working application format for you to send to the facebook.

       100% Sure Application Format to unblock website URL on Facebook. 

Good Morning Facebook!

With due respect, I would like to inform you my website URL have been blocked on Facebook. Recently I got know my website URL:https://www.yourwebsitenamehere.com has blocked on Facebook and prohibited me to share my website links over my pages and my timeline.

I didn't go against your policies. I apologize If I have broken any Facebook policy by any mistake.

It is requested please unblock my website URL and enable its links. I thank Facebook Team for making it a safe place for all.!

Please Unblock my website.

URL:  https://www.yourwebsitenamehere.com

Thanks in Advanced.

Stephen Isekhua 

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