How to make Emergency Charger For Your Phone

How to make emergency charger with Dc motor 

This discovery involves a lot of research which have been put together in order to create an emergency charger.
Materials Needed 

1. 2DC motors(rator)

2. 2 Hi-watt battery (one low and the other full) 
3. A wire and cellotape 
4. A charger mouth (The side which is connected to the phone)

5. Gum and cover for the emergency charger 

Method of Production 

This is a very simple process if you understand it.  Follow the steps and become a charger maker that you can produce and sell in order to make money. 

1. Take the Dc motor connect the one with a head with the other one through the hole in it. 

2. The Hi-watt battery that is low,  break it and remove the top and down,  connect wire to the negative and positive side of it then use the cellotape to make it join together.

3. Connect the high Hi-watt battery to the mouth of the low one that is removed.

4. Thereafter,  connect the wire from the low Hi-watt battery mouth with the one from one of the Dc motor + & -

5. Now connect the wire from the other Dc motor to the charger mouth 

6. If you have switch you can connect it to any of the Dc motor wire. 

7. Glue your cover with your gum and glue it in such a way that the Hi-watt battery will be showing outside.

8. Connect it to your mobile phone and begin to use it for charging your mobile phone. 

With these simple tips you have your own created charger for your phone. Drop your comments on this post for more.

Send us any message if you encounter any problem while creating your Mobile Charger 

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