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If you’re looking to build a larger, more invested audience for your brand, you may want to consider using customer testimonials to do so. Testimonials are a form of social proof that boosts your credibility and helps form a sense of trust with people who are new to your brand.

Reviews from others show potential customers your business is legitimate and offers something of value that other people enjoy and happily invest in. When they see that others are content with various aspects of your brand, it pushes them further down the conversion funnel and in the direction toward becoming loyal, paying customers.
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The Stanford Social Innovation Review found that 44 percent of business leaders view client feedback as a “high priority” or “top source of insight” for continuous business improvement.
So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can use customer testimonials to enhance the promotion of your brand so you’re seen by the right people.
1. Turn written testimonials into video content.
Many websites feature written quotes from satisfied clients and customers when showcasing their testimonials, but have you considered turning those written testimonials into a video? This can be used as a method to captivate your audience and keep their attention long enough to realize your brand is worth their time and money.
If you have the resources to create video testimonials, it’s something worth investing in. An article on Harvard Business Review suggests offering visual content as part of your marketing strategy in order to capture your audience's attention and convey key messages effectively.
When creating video content, make sure videos aren’t too lengthy. People will get the point with a short one- to two-minute video where your client or customer explains why they love your brand, how they use your product and how it has improved their quality of life in some way. The audio and visual aspects should be pristine, clear and easy to understand. Your video content should also never be on autoplay, as this disrupts the user experience and can result in frustrated visitors who may exit the page altogether.
2. Incorporate testimonials into your social strategy.
You already know that those who follow you on social media are there because they intentionally subscribed to your content. Use this as an opportunity to market to them and earn their loyalty by adding testimonials to your social media content. It’s a powerful way to connect with your audience and show them that people like them love your brand.
There are several ways to go about using your social platforms to showcase testimonials. For instance, you can simply add a quote directly into your post or tweet, followed by a link back to your website. The key here is to include a call to action in all your posts so users don’t just read your content and then scroll to the next thing. You need to tell them what the next steps are, so give them something to do, whether it’s signing up for your email list or checking out a new blog post.
Lastly, use hashtags specific to your industry or brand so that users unfamiliar with your business can find your page and see what your brand is all about. This increases brand recognition and positions you as a leader within your industry if it becomes recognized enough. It helps to be descriptive, specific and straightforward so potential customers know your brand caters to their needs.
Outdoor clothing and sports brand Patagonia, for instance, encouraged their customer base to use the hashtag #WhatsInYourBaggies on social media to promote their purchased items, which helped build brand awareness and show others they're proud of their purchase.
3. Create in-depth case studies from testimonials. 
If you have enough data from your clients, you can use it to create valuable case studies. Not only can these be used as a means to amplify the value of your brand, but the data can also be used by other companies within your industry as research. This data, for example, could be about the customer experience or numbers showing how your product boosted a business, how it increased users' email subscribers, etc.
Using a quote from a customer or client about how your product or service has enhanced their life or business can do wonders for your brand’s credibility. Flaunt the statistics you’re giving, and place them on your website, in blog posts and emails, and on social media. Using data-driven facts is one of the best ways to show that your business is legitimate and worth your audience’s time and money.
For example, we like to dedicate an entire page of our website to different case studies to show new visitors that our products offer value and can help them improve their website and conversion rate optimization.
There are endless ways to incorporate customer testimonials into your conversion strategy so your business receives the recognition it deserves. With so much competition out there, it’s no doubt difficult to be seen and heard through all the noise. However, by using the information you already have about the positive experiences you’ve provided your customers, you can better prove to new visitors that your brand offers value.

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