Keytips in becoming a professional programmer


In this post we shall be discssing on 3 core tips for you becoming a professional in the field of pro
1. Be connected to the internet(24/7) inorder to see latest updates based on the programming you are learning or good at becase new things pop up always.
2. Have a good mentor in your field of programming in which you can read his biography and learn more from him and also follow the steps he used in becoming very great and popular.
3. Regular practice: Thiis is classified as the BABA in becoming a professional computer programmer because withpot regular practice you will forget all you know abot the type of programming langage e.g. JAVA, C++, PHYTON, JAVASCRIPT, XML, SQL, PHP etc) you are expected to do it like 6hours per day. That waswhy we came out with this acronym
P practice
R regularly
O on
G getting
R rewardable
A assets
M through mentors
M making you
E an extraordinary
R redeveloper
I remain your writer Mr. Isekhua Stephen send me a message if you have any doubting question. Follow me on all my social media platforms at our contact us page.

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