Embracing the good maintenance culture

In this post we shall first be talking about embracing a good maintenance culture.

Infrastructural development is the bedrock of any development effort in the world today. It is not enough for facilities to be put in place; it is properly maintained so that the purpose for which they are meant would be accomplished.
Unfortunately, the attitude of people towards public facilities is based on the popular assumption that governments property is no more man's property. Thus, facilities that are meant to benefit the masses are left to rot away. The result therefore, is that public facilities do not last long due to lack of maintenance. This shows that without a strong maintenance culture, infrastructural development will amount to nothing.
On personal levels, we must cultivate the maintenance culture in order to enjoy the best value for our money. How well we use and enjoy our buildings, machines, cars, households equipment, furniture and other personal and public physical assets and indeed our bodies is dependent on how well we have cultivated the maintenance culture.
Maintenance culture is an attitude that is lacking in many people from this part of the world whether in the home, office, school or factory. Researchers shows that poor maintenance culture has become a widely recognized problem in Nigeria which has poorly affected the quality of public properties.
Types of maintenance
1. Preventive/Routine  Maintenance
2. Predictive Maintenance
3. Corrective Maintenance
4. Zero Hours Maintenance (OVERHAUL)
5. Periodic Maintenance (Time Based Maintenance)
Benefits of maintenance
1. Decrease in equipment and machines downtime
2. Reduction in the number of major repairs on equipments and machines
3. Better conservation of equipments and machines
4. Increased life span of the equipment and machine
5. The cost of scheduled maintenance is usually low compared to the cost of major breakdown when there will no be production .

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